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Digital Corpus of Sources

The Digital Corpus of Historical Sources is an innovative cross-disciplinary project launched by the Laboratory within the 'Return to Europe' research grant supported by the Government of Russian Federation. The purpose of the Corpus is twofold. First of all, Corpus is aimed to provide the scholars with the specialized toolbar for seraching and analysing different kinds of narrative Russian historical sources. The toolbar includes the possibilities of search with the tags and keywords. All sources are accompanied with the professional brief commentary by the contributors of Laboratory.

Secong, Corpus is also aimed at promoting Russian history and culture all over the world, by making the collections of narratives on Russian history easily available for the international research and education centers. Currently, the navigation and interface are available only in Russian; in 2016 we expect providing English interface as well.

The collections of Corpus are available at the special site: www.hist-lab.corpus.ru